PodRoof shipping container roof kits

PodRoof is a steel framed and steel clad roof kit that fits between two shipping containers. Designed for Australian conditions and built from quality Australian Bluescope Steel.

Each kit is 20ft (6.1m) long to match the length of standard containers and can be connected seamlessly end to end to accommodate any length of containers and with a clear span between 3m and 18m.

Podroof Full Steel roof systems use quality LYSAGHT® Australian-made steel building products and have been developed, tested and manufactured to not only meet our country's demanding climatic and geographic requirements but also to provide owners with the confidence that comes from using guaranteed compliant products.

Don’t leave yourself liable for cost of replacement, rectification and consequential damages, insist on a genuine PodRoof.

Gambrel PodRoof
  • Attaches to the Container Pin mounting points only. No welding or damage to containers.
    Can be used on Rental containers
  • Engineered for your specific Wind Region, Category and Usage.
  • Footings can be either piers, ballast or ground screw anchors.
  • Council Approval is an easy process if required.
    Our engineering certification will satisfy any authority.
  • Materials. All bolted High Tensile Galvanised Steel frame Standard roof sheeting profiles available in all Colorbond colours.
  • Delivery is included for eastern states major population areas. Average 3 weeks from order.

Some of our most popular kits

Gable – Outer Mount

11m Coverage protecting your containers providing 6.3m between containers. 3.8m high to apex.

from $6599

Gable – Inner Mount

11m roof offering 10.8m clear between the containers. Need the extra floor space? This is the roof for you.

from $6599

Gambrel - High Clearance

11m Roof coverage, protects your containers and allows additional dry storage above them. 6.3m between containers, 4.4m clearance at the hip joint and over 5m to the apex.

from $7399

Gambrel – Wide Span

22m Roof coverage, protects your containers and allows additional dry storage above them. a huge 17m between containers, 6m clearance at the hip joint and over 7m to the apex.

from $14799