The original shipping container roof kit company

A shipping container roof is a great way to get a cheap shed with better lock up security than a conventional fully steel clad shed.

The most common shipping container roofs these days are fabric-domes, which are generally variations on some form of semi rigid tent structure.

While these fabric container roofs are great for temporary cover and emergency shelter they aren't meant to weather the elements for decades like the PodRoof steel container roof kits.

At PodRoof we have taken a different approach by offering an affordable container roof kit which can be erected and left in place indefinitely (at least a few decades) and at the same time protect and extend the life of the shipping containers themselves which are prone to rusting out if left exposed.

However this doesn't mean the PodRoof shipping container roof kits can’t be relocated. Moving a PodRoof container roof kit means unscrewing the roof sheets and numbering and stacking them but apart from that the rest of the frame is fully bolted and can be disassembled easily.

A message from our Founder, Phil Dorman:

For some time there had been curved fabric roof kits for shipping containers, but for some reason no one offered a steel container roof kit.

When I realized this, being in the steel building business, I designed a kit in steel using software that allowed us to quickly quote at custom spans.

It actually turned out less expensive than fabric in many cases. In addition, our steel container roof kits can be produced for cyclonic conditions.
Most fabric domes require the fabric to be removed before a storm.

Since then just about everyone who sees a PodRoof or a picture of one has the same reaction. “What a great idea!”. So now we are working really hard to make the PodRoof container roof kit the roof of choice for shipping containers.